Quick Projection

I think I just astrally projected. I was laying in bed relaxing then suddenly was standing in the middle of the road in front of my house. I took off running down the road and I was going like cheetah fast. I passed a lady gardening who was like “Hey wait!” and I wanted to turn around and stop but I couldn’t slow down fast enough. I was like I was drawn in anotherdirection. (Just a note: there were way more homes on my street while I was out.) There was a car and a group of girls and the next thing I knew they were telling me bye. One called me Terra and the other called me Katie. They were talking about calling or sending pictures or something. I decided to be honest and tell them they couldn’t send me pictures or anything because I was there through astral projection. They asked what that was and I explained. They seemed pleasantly interested and were smiling. I told them I could feel my heart rate increasing so I had to go, then I was back in body.

Lucid Dreaming #16

I failed to post my dreams here for a couple of years. So I went into a small private dream group I made and found some I have recorded there over the past couple years. These are in reverse order.

April 5, 2023

I dreamt I was laying in bed at home, actually irl at my boyfriend’s place, and was laying in bed with the bed vibrating which I found strange. I woke up a little and realized I had probably been in the vibrational state so I stayed relaxed and let it happen again. I made a dream command that I wanted to end the dream and astrally project into space. It went to black and I heard a man say we will be there in a few minutes. One man showed up and was waiting for the others. I asked him if he was one of my guides and he said yes. Shortly after I woke up.

March 19, 2023

So last night I got lucid and became a mermaid for a brief bit. On top of that I had two other experiences that were new to me. I was on a ship with two friends and water kept smashing against a door threatening to flood the ship. I asked to safely absorb the water. I felt it like water on the skin but from underneath my skin. Interesting sensation. My one friend watching was in awe. The other odd thing was dream character duplicates of my friends who happily knew they were dream characters.

July 19, 2022

Lol…I was in a building with big animal monsters in my dream that wanted to eat me. So I said to myself “I look like a beet. Just a plain beet, not even pickled.”. They lost interest, then I hear one casually say “that would be good cooked with some potatoes.” I was almost clever. 😛 A friend and a nurse saved me.

July 9, 2022

I had an interesting dream experience recently. I was in a building that was full of people and told a few of them I thought we were on the astral plane. Then one says something like “No, we are in the dream plane.”.

August 18, 2021

I had a dream that I made best friends with a hummingbird who kept staying attached to my shirt. Other birds were landing on me too as if I were Snow White. And a luna moth and butterfly flew right into my mouth.

March 12, 2021

I awesomely dreamt I was panning for crystals when I had a false awakening. I could still feel some of the crystals in my hand though so I experimented with a way to carry their essences with me into wakefulness. I held the rose quartz against my sternum until it absorbed into my astral or dream body. Then I held a fairy cross against each eyelid until they absorbed. It was a very cool experience.

Nov 5, 2020

I became lucid in a dream in a residential neighborhood. I asked for a guide to lead me to a house they would want to meet me in. Instead I was swooped up to like cloud level, seemingly higher than I have ever been in a dream. The height got me a little nervous which I let my invisible guide know, so they eased up on the quick ascension. I then felt with my hands the guide’s hands around my waist securely holding me. When I tried to turn my head toward the guide in the dream my physical neck moved and unfortunately woke me up. It was a cool experience though.

Nov 2, 2020

The memory of it is a little hazy, but I got out of body last night from the dream state. I think I did so twice because I started to return to body and commanded I separate again. I flew over a dark landscape where I couldn’t make out a lot of details. I could sense there was a spirit holding me from behind helping me fly. A robotic creature came after me at first, possibly a fear test, but the spirit with me helped me feel safe. I tried some commands hoping to help me see better and to have my guides lead me to a place they want me to see, but the commands had no effect. I am happy to have felt the separation for the first time in several months though.

Sept 2, 2020

I had a very brief lucid dream. I went outside after becoming lucid, and everything was black as if my eyes were closed. I commanded “light now” and suddenly inside the blackness formed an area of lit sight like a view through binoculars but a little blurry. I said “clarity now” and the binocular view sharpened. I said something like “widen view” but then woke up.

A Blog Revamp

Some things have changed over the past few years and I dropped some of my interests. I still love learning about dreaming and astral travel though, and I’m still a fan of crystals. I changed the site name to reflect its evolution into the direction I want it to take now. I hope you all enjoy visiting The Dreamer’s Garden.

Dream Navigation

I remembered a nifty dream detail from this morning that I thought I should record.  I was in a version of my brother’s house and asked the dream or my guides to navigate me in the dream by showing me arrows or something.  Note I was not fully lucid.  I looked down and was holding a piece of white fabric, what I am thinking was a pair of folded socks.  Red in appeared on the fabric and started changing shape and direction and pointed to me a door.  I believe the door knob had a ring of color show up (which works with another dream method I am experimenting with).  I opened it and found a group of women setting up for something like a women’s Bible group.  I believe they said that they no longer had physical bodies.  I told them I did, I was just visiting there while I was sleeping.  They seemed a bit shocked and said it was sinful that I be there with them.  I told them that made no sense because it was by God’s design that I showed up there when I fell asleep.  They seemed to agree I had a good point.  I got bored or annoyed with that group and left the room.  Standing outside the room I decided I didn’t really want them in the house anymore (they were set up in what is my niece’s room in waking life), and decided to eject them from the house.  I didn’t want to hurt them, I just wanted them out of there, so I decided to focus on transporting the whole room with them in it to another area across the lawn.  Presumably I wanted something more to my taste to show up inside the house.  I focused and I think the women got spooked as the room shook and the roof seemingly came off over them.  I think it started transporting, but I must have woke up right after that.

Although the room transport thing was pretty cool, the impromptu dream navigation device really impressed me.  I don’t know why I needed to go into that room with those ladies, but it was great that my dreaming mind thought of asking for directions and the dream (or my guides) responded.  This might need to be something else I program into my dreams.


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Dream Theories

I was inspired to make a post of the various dream theories I have based on my own experiences in slumber. I repeat that these are theories. I do believe that some dreams are a crazy mashup of memory references pulled from a hat, but I believe we might also have dreams that go beyond that.

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1.) We have multiple selves living throughout a multiverse. Sometimes when we sleep we merge into the life of one of those other selves for a brief period of time. Have you ever had a dream in which people you don’t know are sure that they know you? I have had such a dream and I remember telling a guy that he must know the me in his reality, and that I was just stepping in for a bit while I slept. This theory might also explain some instances of “false memories” in dreams. Those memories might not be false, but rather we are tapped into the memory bank of an alternate self at those times.
2.) There is a shared dreamspace in which we co-exist with those from various realities/dimensions. This could help explain why so many people claim to have dream visits with loved ones who have crossed over. This dreamspace is a convergence point.
3.) The dreamspace might be perceived differently by those within it. This is a new theory for me. I had a dream in which I opened my bathroom door to find a woman sitting on the floor with a book or notebook. I saw her sitting in a bathroom, but she mentioned columns being by her. I got the impression she might have been in a large library from her perspective.
4.) There are many societies throughout existence that know one’s consciousness can travel during the dream time. I have had numerous dreams over the years in which I point out to those beside me that I am experiencing being there with them by dreaming. Some of them seem kind of surprised, and others are more like “Oh, okay.” For the later it seems that dream travel is common knowledge.
5.) Some dreams happen within the mind while some are astral projection experiences. Your “scenes from a hat” type of dreams would of course be within your mind. Beyond that, our brains can connect us to a sort of internet cable system to help our minds travel in dreams. Some would consider this to be astral travel. It could be considered as a type of remote viewing or like a hologram experience. The astral projection experiences involve the astral body actually leaving the physical body for a little while. A primary sign this has taken place is when you feel like you are being quickly slammed back into your physical body, awaking startled. It seems projection might be more so to experience different vibrational dimensions along the strand of our reality or to tangibly experience the astral realm. I can also see why this would be referred to astral travel.
6.) Some people who claim they do not dream may be those who have chosen on some level not to dream travel or to hide those travels from their waking minds. Scientists claim that almost everybody dreams, even when they say they do not. It is stated that most of the time those people just are not remembering their dreams. Excluding medical reasons for not dreaming, perhaps there are spiritual/psychological reasons that keep some people from being oneironauts (conscious dream travelers). Perhaps guilt, disappointment, cynicism, fear, and other feelings cause them to separate from their dream selves.

Perhaps as time goes by I will realize some more dream theories. Blessed be y’all.

Dream Doors Update

As I was scrolling through facebook today I saw this.


I think perhaps my guides are telling me that the dream doors will appear when the time is right.  I should be prepared to recognize them, but should not put too much effort into looking for them.

Dream Doors

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I have been trying to contact spirit guides in my dreams for probably at least a couple of years now.  Every now and then I seem to have some success, but there is a lot of inconsistency and a lot of failed attempts.  I have read a fair bit of Robert Moss’ Dreamgates book.  It seems like coming across teacher guides is no problem for him.  Yet, I often enough find myself getting frustrated because I can’t find a guide again when I seem to have met one in a previous dream, can’t get a guide to come up to me at all, or have someone who seems to misunderstand what I am asking for and is not equipped to be my guide.  An example of the last mentioned issue was a dream in which I asked for a guide to meet with me and apparently this young lady thought I meant like a tour guide for the dreamscape.  I am already a frequent visitor to that dreamscape and she just walked around with me until it became clear she didn’t know crap about me.  Thus, she couldn’t have been one of my spirit guides.

Today I did a quick little google search about connecting with spirit guides in dreams.  I also posed the issue in a lucid dreaming facebook group.  At least some people seem to be under the impression that spirit guides visit us in our dreams whenever they want to instead of just anytime we ask for them.   I figure guides have their own lives on the other side and things to do besides help us.  However, I like to think that some sort of mutually beneficial schedule/system could be worked out.  I do believe that I have plenty of guides willing to work with me.  Apparently my methods need work though.

I did recently (probably within the past 7 days) think of an experimental idea to help me access my guides without roaming all over the dreamscape.  I thought it would be cool to have a rose quartz door knob appear on a door in the dreamscape to help me meet up with my guides.  I have thought about having a purple or amethyst door knob appear when I want to meet up with loved ones who are in spirit.  I would just lucidly decide that I want to spend time with loved ones or guides and then look for a door with that knob color.  Opening the door would take me to whoever I need or want to see.  I have tried this probably 3 times so far.  Maybe more.  It has been interesting but I would not yet say it is a success.  I think this is something that may need to be applied for a while to decide whether or not it is a useful method.

Another idea expanding on this is to set up a meet up space to hang out with my loved ones who are on the other side.  This would be like a club house in the dreamscape.   I also wonder if teacher guides would gradually come to me if I set up a school room in the dreamscape.  I have spent years trying to learn from libraries in my dreams, but I end up seeing a title or a word without really getting an education from the books.  I love the idea of an astral school, but my school dreams don’t seem to be teaching me much either.  I think I might use a green door knob to help me access my own school room in dreams.

That is all for this blog post.  Blessed be, y’all.

“The Design of the Universe is Perfect”

This post is about a dream a recently had.  I decided it would be a good idea to make a record of it because it was pretty interesting.  Here goes.

I opened my bathroom door to find a woman sitting on the bathroom floor.  She was Caucasian with blonde hair that was around shoulder-length.  She appeared to probably in her 30s or 40s based off of the vibe I got, but I don’t clearly recall her face.   I think she  had a notepad and/or book.  I also seem to recall her having a pen or pencil.  The bathroom had differences from what mine is actually like, but I didn’t focus too much on that while the dream was happening.  Even though for me I had just opened my bathroom door to find a stranger there, she seemed annoyed with me as though I was the one intruding.  I ended up moving away from the door once or twice and coming back to find her again.  A good bit of what she said is choppy to me as I had trouble getting it all while I teetered on the edge of waking up.  I remember some things that particularly caught my attention as key points though.

The first notable statement was her telling me that whenever I opened the door the columns around her would shake or crumble.  That hints that she was in a different environment than the bathroom I was seeing her in.  I wonder if she was really in a library or some other grand structure.   After that we somehow got into a conversation that had her telling me that the structure of the universe/creation is perfect.   This was possibly in response to me explaining how things looked from my end and her having some kind of realization about the situation.  I could tell she was passionate about the topics of spiritual advancement and how the universe works as she got more lively and friendlier.  I took particular interest in her telling me that proof of the universe’s perfection could be found in Jesus’ early drawings.  (Of course I could find no indication of a historical record of Jesus drawing.  Drawing certainly seemed to mean the creation of art or diagrams in this conversation.  Such drawings might be documented in the Akashic Records.)  I woke up (or had a false awakening) for maybe 10 seconds and then found myself in the dream again.  I told her I had woken up for a brief moment and she started talking again.  She apparently understood the situation as soon as I said it.  Very little time passed before I “woke up” again.  I don’t know if I really woke up very briefly or had a false awakening.  But, when I returned to the dream I was sitting on the floor with my back against the livingroom wall of my home.   Instead of going back to the bathroom door which would have only been maybe 9 feet away, I noticed that I could hear her telepathically while she was out of my sight.  She was also hearing me even though the “signal” seemed somewhat in and out.  I told her that I had been requesting a spirit guide to teach me.  (I have spirit guides, I just have been wanting teachers for different subjects that would work with me in dreams.)   I told her that maybe the reason we were experiencing this strange incidence of connection could be because my request for a teacher guide was being answered.  She seemed to start having an “Ah ha!” moment like she thought that made sense.  I woke up for the day though before we could conversate anymore.

I am not counting on meeting her again in my dreams, but it would be cool for us to have further interactions.  It is too bad I don’t recall getting her name.  At least then it would be easier to request further contact.

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Dream Scrying

I am writing this for a brief dream summary so that I can reference it later, also because I thought some readers might find it interesting.  I recently met a new spirit tribe member through a drumming journey done by Sandra Ingerman at a free online Shamanism summit.  This morning I was looking for a particular library that tends to be in my dream space.  I looked but it was not were it was supposed to be.  I was frustrated.  My new guide/helper/tribe member galloped in (a white horse) and took me to an alternate place where I could get some knowledge.  Suddenly he was a man with long white or silver hair and seemingly fair skin.  He took me into a room and told me to sit beside a mirror that sat on a table.  The mirror looked like ice or glass formed to look like ice on the back.  He sat in front of the mirror and asked how or why I knew so much about something (I don’t recall what) and then gave me the answer (which I only sort of have a general idea about because I don’t particularly remember that either.  I was suddenly jarred out of the scene (by a noise I am guessing) because the next thing I remember is yelling at some ladies in a version of my brother’s house for being too loud and messing up my mirror session.  Anywho, that’s all.

Blessed be y’all.